About three-quarters of Americans say they like cottage cheese, according to a new survey. But just because we like it, that doesn't mean we're going to bother to learn even the most basic information about it.

Real California Milk
Real California Milk

The survey asked people how cottage cheese got its name, and only 17% of people gave the right answer: It was originally made in small country cottages using the milk that was left over from making butter.

Here are the wrong answers people went with:

  • "Cottage" is French for "curds and whey" – 37%
  • Cheese curds are also known as cottages – 19%
  • It originated in Cottage, England – 14% (There's no such place, by the way.)
  • It was named after its creator, Harold Cottage – 7%
  • It's produced by cows who live indoors in cottages – 5%

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