A whitetail buck was recently discovered by three hunters entangled in a rope swing in Fresno, Ohio, sparking a dramatic rescue effort to free the animal.

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Deer Gets Tangled In Rope

Whitetail deer, known for their majestic appearance and agility, are popular among both hunters and animal lovers alike. Despite being relatively large creatures compared to other North American mammals, with bucks weighing up to 300 pounds and standing over three feet tall, these deer can occasionally find themselves in dangerous predicaments. They often get tangled in materials like barbed wire, fences, or ropes due to their high-speed movements and the sizable racks of antlers they sport.

One such case unfolded recently when a whole buck got its antlers caught up in a rope swing near a creek. This unusual scene was witnessed by three hunters who were taken by surprise.

Video Of The Stuck Deer

In a recording, the buck can be seen struggling to free itself from the ropes. The unfortunate deer ends up suspended in the air due to the rope swing and appears to be trying to break free by running back and forth and swinging on the rope.



The incident was described by one of the rescuers, Joshua Baldridge, in an interview with Inside Edition. He stated, There was a rope swing for the creek… and somehow it managed to get its head wrapped up in the rope.

Trying To Set The Deer Free

Realizing that the buck was in danger, the three hunters endeavored to free it. Despite the risk to themselves, Baldridge, a wrestler, managed to perform a technique called the tight waist to restrain the struggling buck. Holding it against a tree, Baldridge revealed he felt really helpless as the animal fought against his grasp, even trying to bite him.


With the deer secured, another member of the trio was able to cut the rope, freeing the buck. Immediately, the animal fled across the creek and disappeared into the deep woods.

Thanks to the efforts of these three hunters, the deer was able to escape relatively unscathed. Often targeted for being promoters of animal cruelty, hunters like Baldridge demonstrate that those who engage with the natural world often hold deep respect and care for its inhabitants.

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