Micah Risner and Nataleigh Schlette thought it would be hilarious prank if the later climb into the bathtub, smeared ketchup all over with a knife, and posed dead.

The Sandusky, Ohio couple staged the scene as though Risner had murdered his girlfriend and then posted photos on Facebook. Turns out the "murder" was convincing enough for a bunch of people to call 911.

Here's a series of messages that Risner sent to his sister:

Police swarmed their home only to discover that the whole incident was faked. The couple say that it was a prank with a purpose. Nataleigh's sister had taken money from them and they were hoping the prank would get some payback on her.

Both Risner and Schlette were arrested for inducing panic.

Sandusky Police Department
Sandusky Police Department

Read more at the Sandusky Register.

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