The Osbourne's were a ground breaking TV show.  It was one of the first celeb-reality shows, showing a famous person in their "real" surroundings.  Albeit with a few edits here & there to force something mundane to pass for entertaining.

If you've been holding your breath for a reboot of The Osbourne's I'd exhale if I were you. It's not going to happen and as with most things, it's for the better.  Let's remember Ozzy for the good times.  Let's remember Ozzy as the bat biting, rock n roll madmen we all know and love and are kind of afraid of.  Not the bumbling, stammering, goofball TV dad that our sisters and mothers liked watching on basic cable.

Speaking of an Osbourne we're kind of afraid of...Ozzy's daughter Aimee released a super creepy music video.