One of my favorite things as a kid was the demo derby at my county fair.  It was awesome to see these cars bashing into each other and catching on fire.  When they'd tap out, they'd break off the flag from their driver side door.  I remember a time when one guy got his backside hooked up on the back of another driver and kept pulling him around the track.

If you'd like to check out a bit of a "level up" from the normal demo about we throw in a School Bus race?

D&T Cores and Salvage presents the Mississippi Valley Night of Destruction at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, this Saturday, July 11th! You don't want to miss it.

Their going to have five different classes of races.  The Ton Stock Trailer Race, Compact Bomber and the School Bus Race!  Plus a ton more that are sure to create some memories for you and the family.


The pits open at three pm and the destruction starts at six!  Pits are a great way to watch these races.

Adults are just fifteen dollars a ticket. Kids five to twelve are just ten dollars, and kids five and under are free! Get yourself a pit pass for only thirty bucks and get right down into the action.

Don’t miss the Night of Destruction this Saturday at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport!

For more info, search Viola Boyz Demo Promoters on Facebook or click through on this link.

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