"The Breakfast of Champions".

We've all been there.  A charter bus to a ball game.  A buddy is in from out of town.  Superbowl Sunday.

Or just...Saturday.

A day that some polite people may describe as a bender.  We wake up filled with excitement for what the day may bring.  Usually friends, maybe a sporting event, but most certainly...alcohol.  We pop a top at the sound of a rooster crow and we call it, "The Breakfast of Champions".

Well, now you can say it and mean it.  Fulton Beer & General Mills have gotten together over breakfast.

Now when someone asks you, "did you eat your Wheaties"...you can reply, "what'd you call me?" and flatten his nose! Because who the hell is he?  Getting all in your buinsness. Forget that dude. Ya know?  Man!  I'm sofrry broteher.  You know hwow I get? I'm just passionte.  Just passionit.  Ya know?  Let's go get a nother beer!


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