The new I-74 river bridge will begin to impact the Quad Cities skyline this spring if not sooner. Beginning this month workers will begin to work on the arch that's the focal point of the new bridge. This according to a report in the Quad City Times.

Danielle Alvarez, project engineer for the Iowa Department of Transportation tells the Quad City Times, "the construction of the arch is one of the most complex activities on the project." She goes on to tell the paper the arch work will take considerable precision, effort and coordination due to it's design. When completed the arch will stand 164 feet above the new roadway.

Completion of the arch erection this spring will be a big factor in whether or not the westbound bridge is completed on time. So far despite several floods and our uncharacteristic November snow storm the contractor has met all deadlines set. Aside from the complex nature of getting the arch up, the contractor will be battling snow melt and river traffic in the navigation channel this spring

I can't wait to see how impressive this bridge is going to look!


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