This brewery has been teasing us about a new location for a couple of years now. Teasing can be fun, but not when you're talking about delicious beer and more venues to enjoy that pint of gold.
The brewery in question already has one popular location and brews that are so successful you'll see their succulent suds in bars and restaurants all around town. So why not open another location? Here's the rub. The pub announced they're expanding to another Quad City location in the form of a golf 'pro shop.'
With a thirst for beer we went on a quest for more information. Here's what we've learned.

That Ain't No Pro Shop

When this brewery announced its expansion they showed us renderings of a "pro shop" that ended up looking nothing like the actual building that's now up in LeClaire, Iowa. Take a peek; we have pictures below.

Were the sudsy sleuths throwing us off the scent? Were they tricking competitors into thinking it was actually going to be a sporting goods store?

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According to an article posted in May, the QC Times reps say the additional location will be a brewery

and a restaurant with 10 golf indoor hitting bays that open to outdoor range patrons could use during any season.

But from what we can tell...there's no room for an indoor range.  So what gives?
Here is a couple of the original drawings:

Streamline Architects and Artisans
Streamline Architects and Artisans
It all started with a cryptic post from Bettendorf's 5ive Cities Brewing in November of 2021 saying, "Dream big…coming 2022."

Then there was a TikTok video showing off some new equipment in a new space...

@5ivecities We are ready!! #henryapproved#certifiedgoodboy#pineappleforthepeople#craftbeer#brewediniowa#doggos#bettendorf#leclaire#quadcities#fyp#MakeASplash#craftbeer♬ Thunderstruck - AC/DC

We're ready too.

The New Brewery in LeClaire

The new brewery is at the corner of 35th Street and 195th Street just next to the Clubhouse at Pebble Creek in LeClaire, Iowa. Forest Grove Road turns into 195th Street.

5ive Cities' 2nd location is finally up. Complete with a giant sign for everyone to see. So, it's not exactly a secret. But their opening date apparently is. So, we sent our super sleuth reporter out for a few shots of the building in anticipation of its grand opening.

Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media
Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media

The Success of Bikini Bottom

We KNOW that 5ive Cities has struck gold with their Bikini Bottom Pineapple Wheat beer.  Over the past few years, it's ubiquitous.  It's on tap in every bar and restaurant in the QCA, it seems. It's hard to keep up with that sort of demand, so instead of going with a contract would make sense to just go bigger.

We can't WAIT to check out their new location.  So, here are a few pics of what will be.

New 5ive Cities Brewery in Leclaire, Iowa: What We Know So Far

Here's a few snaps of the new brewery going up in LeClaire, Iowa

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