A new startup company called Clearview AI has developed a program used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, in the United States.

The app starts off by comparing a photo of someone to a database of over 3 billion pictures from a multitude of websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Venmo. It spits back a list of links where the photo you searched originally appeared. According to officials, this information can lead to the finding of information such as addresses and other personal information.

The database used by Clearview AI of over 3 billion pictures, outnumbers the database of even the FBI, who has access to passports and driver's licenses and only has 641 million images.

Law enforcement have used it to catch criminals from shoplifting to child exploitation.

Facial Recognition has already been banned from use within the city of San Francisco, and congress is working towards regulations nationwide.

It won't be long until the FBI looks like Minority Report.

Read more at CNET

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