Four-year-old Branden Witt lives outside Richmond, Virginia, and has to have brain surgery on Monday. He's been in and out of hospitals his entire life. He could end up paralyzed if he doesn't have the surgery.

Since he'll need time to recover, he'll miss Halloween. But his parents wanted to make sure he got to go trick-or-treating anyway. Earlier this month, they passed out flyers and glow sticks to all their neighbors, and asked them if they wanted to help Branden go trick-or-treating two weeks before Halloween.

If they did, they just had to put the glow sticks on their mailboxes, that way Branden would know which houses to hit. He went door to door this past Saturday in a Lightning McQueen costume from the movie "Cars". It looks like he got a pretty good haul, because more than 40 neighbors took part in it, including people who don't usually hand out candy.

The owner of a salon in their neighborhood gave the mom a bunch of free hair care stuff, and a local restaurant is holding a fundraiser next Friday to help cover some of their medical expenses.