If you're still working on costume ideas, here's some extra incentive to get creative for Halloween this year.

The makers of Natural Light are doing a costume contest on social media, and the person with the best 'real life nightmare' costume will win $10,000.

Here's what that means: They want people to dress as, "real-life everyday" fears. And they posted a few examples.


One of them is a woman in prison garb, holding a ball-and-chain with the words "Student Loans" written on it. So her costume is, "Shackled by Student Debt."

Another one is a guy in a graduation cap, holding a cardboard box that says, "Moving Supplies. Mom's Basement." So his costume is, "Moving Back in with Parents."

If you can do better than those costumes, and you're over 21, you might have a chance at $10,000. Or $1,000 if you make the top 10. They're judging costumes on three categories: Creativity, originality, and relevance.

To enter, follow Natural Light on Twitter or Instagram. Then upload a photo of your costume by November 3rd, along with two hashtags: "#NattyScaries" and "#Contest".

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