When I was younger, my family went to Estes Park, and I found a 3 foot tall branch I used as a walking stick. Keep in mind this is also a National Forest, so there's plenty of sticks around. On the way out of the park, the park ranger stopped me and said "Hey, you know it's a illegal to take things out of the park." So, I had to leave my stick in the 265,000 acres of trees, because that stick was going to keep the park's ecosystem from complete crashing.

One of Prescott National Forest's claim to fame is their 1-ton "beautiful black boulder with white quartz running through it," and it's called "Wizard Rock."

Overnight recently, the boulder disappeared without a trace. Authorities have said that it wouldn't have been possible to move the boulder unless there was heavy machinery present. It's yet to return.

This is not the first time a boulder has gone missing from the park. Recently a 750lb and a 2,000lb boulders disappeared in two separate instances.

The only reasonable explanation is that there's a black market for stolen big ass rocks from state parks.

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