Naperville's Sara Rodriguez (pictured on the far right) ate more hot dogs in 10 minutes than Joe Dredge and I have eaten collectively in the last two years. Well, more than me, anyway.

In case you missed it (and somewhat seriously, why would anyone really want to watch human beings stuffing themselves chock-full of encased meats while flirting with choking to death?), Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest took place as it always does on July 4th on Coney Island.

I know that the contest is televised every year, but after tuning in once, I decided I would really rather read about what happened than actually watch it ever again.

You had your expected men's winner in Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who managed to set a new record of 76 hot dogs (and buns), while breaking his record of last year, which was 75 hot dogs and buns.

Whatever. Chestnut holds just about every record a guy can hold in the realm of competitive eating, so that wasn't the interesting part to me (although, if he should ever decide that cannibalism is something he wants to try, we're all dead).

The interesting and really cool part was the 2nd place finish by Naperville's Sarah Rodriguez, who downed 24 hot dogs and buns, just seven behind the women's champion, Michelle Lesco, who knocked back 31. Sarah topped the third place finisher by 6 hot dogs, and picked up a check for $5,000.

So, how does she do it?

She usually eats her last meal around 3 p.m. on the day before the contest, and then only eats jelly-like power supplements to keep her strength up.

She said afterwards, she lets nature take it's course.

"When the contest is over, you take a photo, you shake a hand, and you put your hands on your knees and your body makes that decision for you."

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