Sometimes bad things happen to make way for something good. This "bad thing" involves a mid-20's naked woman and a major bust.

University Heights Police in Ohio got a call around 4:25am about a drunk 27-year-old woman fighting an also drunk 24-year-old woman. When police arrived, they found one of them was completely naked.

The information as to why she was drunk, naked, and fighting in the front yard, at 4:30am, but one can paint the picture of the full story.

Anyway, police broke up the fight, and ended up talking to the 27-year-old guy in the house, who turned out to have multiple warrants out for his arrest on charges of felony kidnapping.

So they arrested him, and he was turned over to the Cleveland police, and a bad dude was taken off the streets thanks to a naked chick fighting in a front yard.


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