Being a cop is tough. Even with something that should be the highlight of your year, things can go south real fast.

Officer Richard Edmonds in Clearwater, Florida responded to a call last Wednesday about a woman who was causing a scene at a hotel and wouldn't leave.

It turned out it was 25-year-old Instagram model Brissa Dominguez, who does a lot of racy photo shoots. She has about 75,000 followers.

When Richard got there, Brissa was walking around naked. So he grabbed a towel for her to cover up with. But instead, she started swinging it around and whipping him with it.

She also tried to bite and spit on another cop while they were arresting her. While Richard was standing behind her, she mule kicked him.

Brissa's facing several charges including resisting an officer with violence, and battery on a law enforcement officer, which are both felonies.

Read more at The Smoking Gun.

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