If you live in the right area, you know that your trash receptacles, especially if it's a dumpster that takes a lot of food, work like a bear magnet. Schools are no exception to bears breaking into dumpsters, but one music teacher decided he had enough.

Over the course of a few days, a black bear kept showing up at St. John's Academy in Shawnigan Lake to try and get into the school's trash.

The first time the bear showed up, the school restricted the movement of students, not allowing them to go from class to class until the bear had left the area. Once it realized it wasn't getting into the cans, it left.

A few days later, on May 27th, the bear was back and ready for a snack.

Black Press Media
Black Press Media

Music teacher Tristan Clausen said one of his students had just left out of the outside door, but turned back into the classroom when she saw the bear was hanging around outside.

“I have a saxophone, a trumpet and a trombone behind my desk, so I grabbed the largest one that could make the most noise, which was the trombone, and started playing it as loud as I could as I walked toward the bear,” Clausen said. “I was thinking at the time that I should have learned the A&W theme song beforehand. Apparently, the bear didn’t care for my playing because he ran into the woods and I haven’t seen it since.”

Clausen said he wasn't too worried about the bear during the encounter.

“I wasn’t far from the door, but I could tell that the bear was frightened, which is why I wasn’t frightened myself,” he told VicNews.

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