If you recall learning to drive or teaching your kids to drive, you more than likely took a trip around a cemetery. You tell yourself it's perfect because there's usually one or two other cars in the whole place, and nobody's going to die there, because they're already dead. Well, apparently you can still do a great deal of damage.

Police in Melrose, Massachusettes say they responded to a crash around 2:30pm on Saturday, at the Wyoming Cemetery.

Chief Michael Lyle said the vehicle involved in the crash, an older model Range Rover, had left the roadway and crashed through eight headstones in the cemetery, knocking them over.

Melrose Police Department
Melrose Police Department

According to the investigation from officers, a 53-year-old woman from Melrose was behind the wheel, using her learner's permit at the time of the crash. She was properly accompanied by a relative who is a licensed operator.

The woman and her relative are both uninjured from the crash, thankfully.

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Chief Micahel Lyle of the Melrose Police Department said the employees of the Melrose Department of Public Works were able to upright most of the headstones, but several reportedly were damaged.

Lyle said the crash is still under investigation, but for now, they just are saying that the woman lost control of the vehicle.

Read more at Melrose Police Department 

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