One week before their movie The Dirt premieres, Motley Crue have released the second of the four new songs they recorded specifically for the project, and it's their cover of Madonna's 1984 smash hit, "Like a Virgin." You can hear it below.

It follows "The Dirt (Est. 1981), which came out with the full soundtrack details. That song included a rap by Machine Gun Kelly, who stars as Tommy Lee in the movie. The tracks recorded for the movie represent the first new music from the band since 2015's "All Bad Things," which was released when they announced the last dates on their farewell tour.

Nikki Sixx recently revealed that he came up with the idea to record "Like a Virgin," while he was walking his dogs. “When my mind’s open like that, these ideas pop in,” he said. “And [it] popped in my head, and I sort of, like, looked up, as if to laugh at God, and went, ‘You’re pretty funny.’”

But even though he initially thought it was a "really horrible idea," he still discussed it with producer Bob Rock and made a demo that the band built upon. In addition to saying that it was "weird" hearing Vince Neil singing those lyrics, he said that Mick Mars' guitar part pays tribute to Metallica, "because [when] Metallica heard the Dr. Feelgood album, [they] used Bob Rock to make the Black Album. It's kind of a nod back to those guys because we were workin’ with Bob again.”

Earlier this week, Neil admitted that he was worried about how The Dirt would turn out, but his fears were quickly allayed when watching the final cut. “I was really pleasantly surprised, because I didn’t know if it was gonna be this really low-budget film,” he said. “Because you can make really bad films very easily. But after the first 10 minutes of watching the movie, I forgot it was about us and I just was enjoying a really good film.”


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