The newly built Moline Sam's Club is only three years old and rumors are that it's already closing its doors.

We received an email from a listener dropping his girlfriend off at work who was surprised to see a police presence at the store blocking anyone from going in unless they work there. He went on further to explain that the Moline Sam's Club will be closing for good Friday, January 26th and the only reasons workers were given is that, "It's a corporate decision."

When we called the store for a comment we were told from the security officer at the store, "The Moline store is currently closed for the day for unexpected reasons." Here's the recording you hear if you call, it basically says that the location is closed today and will reopen tomorrow:

When searching for the store Moline, IL store number 4061 is already being scrubbed from Sam's Club Websites and maps of locations near Davenport, IA.

Sam's Club
Sam's Club

The 136,000 sq. ft store employs around 184 people and about half of those are full time employees.

They plan to open tomorrow at 10 am and will operate normal hours.