Missouri’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is warning of wine bottles that may explode.
ATC officials say unregistered wines from the Casa de Loco Winery in Eldon may pose a danger of exploding and should be immediately secured to prevent injury. Authorities say the wine should not be consumed. The wines in question were distributed to retailers in several locations around Lake of the Ozarks and mid Missouri and also to locations in St. Joseph and Wright City.

The Casa de Loco wine products the ATC says are involved include Applesauced, Bellini Gold, Coming in Hot, Kona Lover Port, OCD, and Peachy Thoughts. ATC officials say those wines were never submitted for product brand registration and evaluation as required by Missouri law.

A bottle of Casa de Loco wine exploded after being confiscated by ATC. Other explosions have also been reported. Casa de Loco has informed the ATC they will be removing the products from retailers.

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