The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to make people aware of some do-no-gooders pretending to be a government agency.

According to the Department of Conservation, someone has been mailing out letters to Missouri homes saying the land around the home is being rezoned to a game preserve, and over 500 buffalo are being shipped to them.

American Buffalo.


The piece of mail claims 550 head of buffalo will be sent to the home, arriving at 4am on June 29th.

Missouri Dept. of Conservation shared a photo of one of the letters on Facebook.

"Greetings Land Owner: Your Conservation Commission wishes to announce that the land surrounding your home has been selected as a Game Preserve and that the first shipment of 550 Buffaloes will arrive at your home Thursday at 3:45am on June the 29th, 2023.


Thank you for your time and interest in Missouri's Game Preservation. We look forward to serving you!"

A spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Conservation, Francis Skalicky, said the letters and their possibility of being real are ridiculous.

“We wouldn’t do something like this that this isn’t feasible this type of introduction isn’t feasible,” said Skalicky. “It’s just an annoyance.”

He said there isn't even a possibility that they would ever do something like this. Missouri's landscape and ecosystem would never be able to handle 550 'buffaloes' at once.

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