Even though it's getting colder now, we can already look ahead to next summer and the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair.

Today, Shawn Loter announced 4 of the 7 days and acts that will be playing the grandstage at the Mississippi Valley Fair.

Wait, 7 days?  Don't you mean 6 days?

Normally the Mississippi Valley Fair runs for six days in the first week of August.  But this year, there will be a special bonus concert on July 31.

If you remember the Thursday night of the 2022 MVF, you know that things didn't go according to plan.  The scheduled headliner of Jimmie Allen was canceled because his flight was so delayed that he couldn't make it to the Quad Cities in time.

Well this year, Jimmie will kick off the grandstand of the week of concerts.  Shawn Loter says that the Monday night show is a bonus show for all those with MVF Fun Cards.

Who has rocked the Mississippi Valley Fair lately?

The MVF has had some big names come through in the last few years.

In 2022 we saw the biggest crowd ever when Kid Rock opened the week.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

In 2021, the fair rocked with Shinedown.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

In 2020....we don't talk about 2020.  Anything in 2020.  Ever.

In 2019, the fair had a huge crowd for Nickelback.

Photo by Richard Beland
Photo by Richard Beland

In 2023, the MVF will rock Saturday night with Limp Bizkit.

Saturday, August 5 Limp Bizkit is going to roll into the Mississippi Valley Fair.

It will be Fred Durst, Wes Borland, John Otto, DJ Lethal, and Sam Rivers.  The crew that has been rocking together since 1997 when they first released Three Dollar Bill, Y'all will rock the Quad Cities.

The 16-time platinum nu-metal rockers will surely get the crowd going at the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair.

Who else is coming to the Mississippi Valley Fair?

Here is the full lineup that has been announced so far.

Monday, July 31 - Jimmie Allen
Tuesday, August 1 - Sam Hunt
Wednesday, August 2 - TBA
Thursday, August 3 - TBA
Friday, August 4 - TBA
Saturday, August 5 - Limp Bizkit
Sunday, August 6 - Hardy

When the TBAs are filled in, we'll be the first to tell you about them.  Be sure to have our app downloaded to get notified first.

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Until then, go find that old red hat.  Turn it backward.  And get ready for Limp Bizkit.  We'll see you at the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair.


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