A 12-year-old boy reported missing on Sunday was discovered unharmed inside a Target store in Ohio the following morning.

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Columbus Ohio Missing Boy Found

Columbus police (CPD) disclosed that the boy was located around 6:15 a.m. on Monday within a Target located in the East Broad area of Columbus, Ohio, just north of Reynoldsburg.

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Finding The Boy In The Store

According to CPD reports, an alert employee stumbled upon the boy, who was unaccompanied in the store and suspected to have been there overnight.

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Initial confusion regarding the boy's age was cleared up by Franklin County Children’s Services, confirming that the child was indeed 12 years old. Authorities indicated that the youngster was considered a runaway.

The Child's Worried Parents

The child's parents had filed a missing person report on Sunday, sparking an urgent search effort. Fortunately, they were informed of their son's whereabouts and reunited with him Monday afternoon.

During the period of reunification, the boy was under the care of Children’s Services. Fortunately, there were no indications of any harm inflicted upon him. Columbus police assured that no charges would be pressed in connection with the incident.

How Did Target Respond?

Despite the unusual circumstances, Target ensured that operations continued as normal throughout the day. A spokesperson for the retail giant expressed relief that the situation was resolved swiftly and safely.

“The well-being of our guests is our top priority... Our team in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, immediately contacted law enforcement upon finding this child and cared for him until authorities arrived.”

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