Did you know there's such a thing as the Miss Hooters Girl pageant, where Hooters waitresses from all over the world compete? Well we know about it now, and it's all thanks to one special contestant.

21-year-old Madison Rogers from Nashville, Tennessee is a Hooters waitress. And in April, she finished in fifth place in the Miss Hooters Girl Tennessee pageant, where the winner would go on to the 23rd Miss Hooters International pageant.

Madison is pictured here in the blue bikini.

Well, back on May 31st, Madison's boyfriend broke up with her after two years. And she responded by breaking into his house later that day and destroying the place. And when he got home, Madison started attacking him. He called 911, and she was arrested a week later and charged with vandalism and felony aggravated burglary. As for the Miss Hooters International pageant, it went down this past weekend and the winner was a Hooters Girl from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The first runner-up was the Hooters Girl from Tennessee who beat out Madison.

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