Summer's pretty much starting any day now, and with things reopening, we're going to all have to get our summer bodies. Michelob ULTRA wants to help incentivize us to get into shape, which is why they've started their new campaign.

The Michelob ULTRA Beer Run will allow you to exchange your hard earned miles walked/run, push-ups, downward dogs or whatever you do to exercise for an ice cold one.


To participate, all you have to do is download the MyCooler app and register, then upload some sort of proof that you worked out. Then, they'll send you a prepaid debit card that has $5 on it so you can buy yourself a cold one (or two if you go to the right place on the right night).

"Workouts that end with a 'cheers' are the best kind! As the world begins to safely reopen, Michelob ULTRA's Beer Run looks forward to people being active together and rewarding them for doing so with a refreshing beer after a run or workout," said Ricardo Marques, Vice President of Marketing, Michelob ULTRA. "At just 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, ULTRA is a perfect complement to an active lifestyle."

Just work out the one time for the free beer, then go gain back those calories with the free beer.

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Are You QC AF? Take The Test.

If you are from the Quad Cities, there are certain things you do and say that folks from outside the area might not understand. Weather you’ve lived here your entire life, or just a couple years, it’s time to put your QC to the test to find out if you are “QC AF”.
Below are 25 questions to test your knowledge and life experience of the Quad Cities. Keep track and see where you rank. Then share it, if you aren’t ashamed, to show how QC you are.

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