While up in Wisconsin this weekend, Michaels encountered something he hadn't seen before - a full-blown police standoff.

According to the Sawyer County Record, the standoff began and ended on Friday, February 3rd after a suspect stabbed someone inside of the Get Hooked Bar & Grill.


The bar shared a post on Facebook saying they were closed.

"We will be closed temporarily. We will update as soon as we are able to open the doors to the public. Please continue to pray for Luke and his family."

attachment-Get Hooked Statement

"Police took the suspect into custody and worked on the crime scene at the Get Hooked Bar & Grill on Highway 40, just off Highway 70," the Sawyer County Record said.

Check out the video Michaels shot of the police deploying tear gas from a BearCat SWAT vehicle.

"Luke" who was mentioned in the post from Get Hooked Bar & Grill is reportedly the victim of the stabbing, but he's expected to make a recovery according to comments in the post.

The suspect arrested after the hours-long standoff was 31-year-old Mason C. Forest.



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