McCormick, known for their spices since 1889, is looking for some temporary part-time help with one of their products, and it's not taste testing celery salt or bay leaves.

If you took the job, you'd be working with taco seasoning.

The company is looking at a limited-time, four-month gig, where you'll work as the "Director of Taco Relations." You don't have to have any experience, but you do have to be over 21 and have a "deep love of tacos."

You'll have to work 20 hours a week from September through December, and it can mostly be done remotely.

Unfortunately, you will have to travel to Maryland, and some "other taco locations in the U.S."

The job itself is pretty simple; keep track of taco trends, taste and consult taco recipes, talk with taco chefs around the country, handle social media, and "provide other taco-related services."

The full responsibilities as they read on the job description:

  • Keep tabs on taco trends, trolling TikTok, partaking in virtual calls to learn more about unique taco offerings from taco chefs across the country. Share these findings with the McCormick team to keep everyone taco-ing about tacos.
  • Taste test and consult on inspirational and approachable taco recipes incorporating McCormick’s Taco Seasoning. Ensure tacos aren’t just eaten on Tuesdays by getting creative with ways to use McCormick taco seasoning that go beyond classic tacos.
  • Develop content, including videos, for a “Taco Tuesday” series on McCormick’s social media pages:
  • Highlight the latest taco trends to help fans master recipes at home.
  • Showcase tips and tricks and answer consumer’s questions such as how taco toppings can help expand one’s taco repertoire and what toppings aren’t on tacos but should be.
  • Debate the ultimate controversial taco topic: soft or hard shell taco?
  • Share out-of-the-box yet approachable taco recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

The best part of the deal is the job pays $100,000 for 4 months of taco eating.

You can check out the full on McCormick's website.

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