About a month ago, I posted that I was officially "sick" of Wisconsin more-or-less.  I also said "..hurry up and get to the final four and I'll root for you to beat Kentucky.."  which I did Saturday night.  Now that the game is over and they pulled off the impossible, I am starting to see things in a different light.

Considering they beat the king of "one-and-done" recruits (John Calipari) and watching the actions of the Kentucky players on the court, and after the game... and considering that Coach K is trying to keep up with Calipari in recruiting one-and-done's lately, (but Duke is such a fine institution, though .. blah, blah, blah) I'm here to tell 'ya that I will be rooting for the Badgers tonight !   AND I have found a way to all of a sudden respect this team, and dare I say "appreciate" them!  They really are what a college basketball team should be...student athletes playin' and winnin'  "old school" !!