We've told you all about Jim "Matress Mack" McIngvale - he's the owner of Gallery Furniture in Texas, and the only thing he loves more than his furniture company is placing ridiculously high dollar bets on sporting events. If his favorite MLB team wins this season's World Series, he's going to make a name for himself in the record books.

Mattress Mack told Bleacher Report this week that he's put $10 million in bets on the Houston Astros to win the World Series, with an average payout of 7.5-to-1. If the Astros go all the way and pull off the win, Mack is set to win $75 million.

While McIngvale would receive a payout that will set multiple records, like any other of Mattress Mack's bet - his customers win when he wins.

When he places these massive bets, he lets his customers bet too - in furniture. He sets a dollar amount, and customers have to spend over that amount before the date of the sporting event. If Mack wins, he will refund the purchase.

This time, he's doubling down on the furniture bet. If his customers walk out with, let's say, $5,000 worth of furniture, they'll get $10,000 back.

Back in April, his bet on Kansas in the NCAA Tournament brought him $15M in winnings, busting him out of his losing streak of multi-million dollar bets on events like the Super Bowl and the college football championship.

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