Iowa's own Matt Stutzman is known throughout the sporting world as the "Armless Archer" is gearing up for a performance at the Paris Paralympics this summer.

Stutzman was born without arms but hasn't let it stop him from competing with archery on an international level. He has some esteemed performances under his belt, bringing home the Silver in 2012. He's appeared at the 2012, 2016, and 2020 Paralympics.

When he qualified for his third Paralympic Games, he did it while breaking a world record with a 1398/1440 double 50m round (2x72), breaking the record by 20 points.

Stutzman is gearing up to perform at what he's saying will be his final performance in the Paralympics, and he's asked for a little bit of help.

It's his last performance in the Paralympics, and his kids are old enough to travel to watch their dad perform on the World Stage at the Paralympics, so a fundraiser has been started to help cover the costs for plane tickets, accommodations and other travel expenses for the kids.

Matt spends a lot of his time racing now, even putting up a four-second pass in an 1/8th mile at Central Illinois Dragway.

He's competed in drag races all over the Midwest, driving with his feet.

You can help Matt out by donating to the GoFundMe and giving him a follow on Facebook.

Also, check out this hilarious video of a bit of a technical issue with his drag car.

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