Live music great way to discover new music that can’t be replicated by listening to a recording. Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music in the Quad Cities area.

Here is a big ole list of some great live local bands to go support!


  • David Killinger & Paul Ganahl & Open Mic Night at TUGGERS
  • Kyle Cord @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Lewis Knudsen @ The Tangled Wood
  • Alex & Alan Duo @Twin Span Brewing


  • Matt Hamilton acoustic @ Denny O's
  • Andrew Jacob & Lisa Lyn @ Racers Edge
  • Lewis Knudsen @ Oak Grove Tavern
  • The Velies/Rude Punch/Liv Carrow @ Village Theatre
  • Doug Brundies @ Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill
  • 21 STEPS @ Harley Corin's
  • Jen Craft Acoustic @ Front Street Brewery
  • Cale Bowe @The Tangled Wood


  • Project X @ Harley Corin's
  • RUNNING MAN w/ ART MONK @ Rozz-Tox
  • Eli Traum @ Denny O's
  • Redline Saints @ Rascals Bar and Grill
  • Avey Grouws Duo @ Pour Bros. Craft Taproom Moline
  • Angela Meyer LIVE at MJ's Tap
  • Hexagram @ Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill
  • Michelle’s Menagerie @ Geneseo Brewing Co.
  • ProjectX @ Harley Corin's
  • Rabbit Hole at 11th Street Precinct
  • Winterland @ Ribco
  • Corporate Rock at The Rust Belt
  • BanD Acoustic @ Tuggers
  • Ky and Brad @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Ariel McReynolds @ Nerdspeak Brewery
  • Hap Hazard at The Cooler
  • Tony Hoeppner & Friends @ The Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge
  • Far Out 283 @ Drunken Barrels


  • Ginger Roots at BS General Store

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