Those looking to purchase a rock 'n' roll fortress, take note: Marilyn Manson’s former house is for sale.

While most people would expect the shock-rocker to have a gothic, dungeon-filled estate, the home appears surprisingly family-friendly. The Mediterranean-style house was built in 1925 and sits in the Hollywood Hills.

The house’s official listing boasts “Romantic spiral staircases, grand living room, original touches, decks on every level and mystery around every corner.” At three stories and 1,905 square feet in size, there would seemingly be plenty to offer a new owner, even if it is “in need of full restoration.” Further property highlights include a two-story guest house, swimming pool, koi pond and “fern grotto.”

Manson owned the house from the late ‘90s through 2004, but he’s not the only member of the music industry to have lived there. Marshall Chess, who co-founded the Rolling Stones’ record label in the early ’70s and is the son of the legendary co-founder of Chess Records, is also a previous owner.

As president of the band’s label, Chess often toured with the group and was heavily involved in their business interests both in and out of music. Among his credits, Chess was a producer on the 1974 concert film Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones. He retired from his post in 1977, admitting later that the rock 'n' roll lifestyle had become too much to handle.

“It was real sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll for me for almost seven years,” Chess recalled during a 2008 interview with Clash magazine. “And that’s why I ended it. After seven years I realized my health was bad. It was too hard working with the Stones.”

Given Chess’ descriptions of debauchery, coupled with Mason’s infamous reputation, it seems reasonable to assume that the house has seen its fair share of rock 'n' roll depravity.

Those looking to be the estate’s next owner had better have deep pockets. The house is currently listed with an asking price of $1.9 million. You can see photos below.

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