There's been a serial POOL FLOAT burglar in Palm Bay, Florida for the past several months. And now we finally know who he is, and the MESSED UP reason he's been stealing those floats.

For the past seven months, the Palm Bay police have received more than a dozen reports of someone breaking into pools and only stealing pool floats.

They finally got their break in the case around 1:30 A.M. on Thursday when they stopped a 35-year-old named Christopher Monnin riding his bike with a large white garbage bag, filled with deflated pool floats.

They accused him of being the pool float burglar, and he admitted it.

And he also explained why he steals pool floats, it's because he has a fetish for them and loves having sex with them.

The cops wound up searching his house and they found around 75 pool floats of all shapes, sizes, and colors, everything from bacon- and watermelon-shaped floats to a lounge chair with cup holders.

Brevard County Jail
Brevard County Jail

Christopher is facing 10 burglary charges.

Read more at The Smoking Gun.

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