When someone says "hold the pickles" at McDonald's, this isn't what they're talking about.

Someone at a McDonald's near Austin, Texas called the cops earlier this month, after 38-year-old Alexis Pickles started walking around with his pants around his ankles and his junk exposed.

By the time cops got there, he was at a nearby bus stop, with his pants still around his ankles. When they tried to arrest him, he elbowed a cop twice in the face and ran.

They tried to tase him at least three times. But, ironically, it didn't work because he had too many layers of clothing on. Apparently he'd pulled up his pants by then.

They eventually used pepper-spray. Then he slipped in mud while he was trying to get away, and they got him in handcuffs.

He's facing up to 10 years in prison for assaulting an officer.

Austin Police Department
Austin Police Department

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