There's a man in Alberta, Canada who's only been identified as "David" and he just changed his gender to female. But it was only for one reason: To save money on car insurance.

David says he found that he'd save about $840-a-year on car insurance by being a woman, so he went for it. It's not that easy, though. Even though you can legally change your gender in Alberta with just a doctor's note, David has to now legitimately live as a woman.

At first, David bragged about the process, "I am now a woman. I now pay [$840] less for auto insurance. I won. The end."

Now that the story is getting attention and David's probably a little worried about insurance fraud, he's saying, "I didn't legally change my sex solely for cheaper auto insurance, though that was and is a big factor for me."

Read more at Calgary Sun.

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