Artificial Intelligence has advanced to a point that you can plug in a certain amount of data from a source, and have it create its own version as though it was from the source itself. Sometimes the results are hilarious.

YouTuber Funk Turkey pulled a set of lyrics from, which takes lyrics from its database of songs by most known artists. First, type in the artist you want a new song from, and the bot searches the database for all songs by that artist. Then, it takes all the lyrics and splices them together to create a new song. Funk Turkey took the lyrics, added some music, and voila, here's AC/DC's newest big hit.

Try it yourself at

I tried it with Led Zeppelin, and here's the lyrics I got:


I'm waiting for me, keepers of avalon

Repay, do not as it kinda makes life a little bit lonely

Don't you up my love in my smiles

No good and fall

Proud arianne one voice is to make a thread that lies within the wind

Bring it started to awake

Bring it kinda makes life a woman unkind

Going to tremble and walked the prince of night

I love

This is the nose, and time to flow

Sometimes, sometimes

They say she plays guitar and fly


Sounds like a Top 10 to me.

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