Here's a question for you to think about when you hear this next story. Would this make your day or gross you out?

Kyle Hubbard bought a bag of salad at Target in Cordova, Tennessee last week. In the sealed bag, he spotted a $10 bill, right there with all the lettuce. Let's assume the salad cost him, like, three bucks. He could've cleared a cool $7 profit. Nope. Kyle decided he was going to complain instead.

Good move, Kyle says Target offered him $24 in coupons. But he turned them down. The salad was made by Fresh Express, which is owned by Chiquita. So now Kyle is contacting them.

So, again, would it be a nice little pick me up to find 10 bucks in your salad? Or just nasty? Look, we can understand both. Times are tough, and ten bucks is ten bucks. But remember, money can get pretty contaminated. A study last year found that paper money can carry up to 3,000 types of bacteria. Luckily Kyle saw the $10 before he ate the salad.

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