Mitch Felderhoff, President at Muenster Milling Company, decided to go 30 days eating exclusively dog food made by his company. He wanted to make a point of "We're not going to feed your dog something if we haven't eaten it first."

He documented the weeks on his company's YouTube Channel. He starts off by stocking the pantry with all types of dog food the company creates. He explains in his first week's recap that he had a hard time the first couple of days, as anyone would. I can't even get by without eating McDonald's 4 times a week.

After playing with feeding times, feeding it to his kids, and his body adjusting to the new diet, he said he felt fantastic during the day. He lost 30lbs.

At the end of the 30 days, his family went out for brisket nachos, stuffed jalepeño poppers, and chips and queso. His first meal of human food consisted of 1,500 calories.


Listen to our conversation with Mitch here.


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