A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he was busted selling meth to the state police.

Charles K. Oldham, 46, sold half an ounce of methamphetamine to a state police informant on January 21st for $600. On February 3rd, the informant returned and bought one ounce of the drug from Oldham and paid $1,200.

When state police raided his home on February 4th, troopers allegedly found 1/2 pound of marijuana, 15 pot plants, plus a small amount of meth.

Police questioned Oldham about where he was getting his meth, to which he explained he bought in Ohio.

He told them the meth in his area was "junk" and “he knew he could go to Ohio and get good meth," Trooper Michael McCullough wrote in the affidavit.

Along with the drugs, police also seized scales, packaging materials, pipes, drug paraphernalia, and $2,200 in cash.

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Oldham is facing felony drug delivery charges.

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