Matt Thompson is a Fire Protection Technician who spends his free time in the shop, woodworking.

After seeing multiple attempts at people making picnic tables for squirrels to sit at and eat their food, he decided it was time for his own version. Matt made a bar for the squirrels that hangs on the fence in his backyard, where they can sit and eat a peanut.

The bar has a bench, lights, a big supply of nuts, and even a chore wheel, which is the small squirrel version of one of Matt's products that went viral on Facebook.

The squirrel version of the wheel has options that say 'Run in Traffic', 'Learn to Fly', 'Irritate Dogs' and 'Have a Nut', with 'Have a Nut' being the option it lands on every time.

Matt Thompson Woodworks via Facebook
Matt Thompson Woodworks via Facebook

Matt made the bar Easter Sunday, and said the peanuts were gone within a few hours.

Check out Matt Thompson Woodworks on Facebook, he's got some pretty awesome creations.

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