If this guy had just stayed the tiniest bit humble, he might not be in jail. 19-year-old Nicholas Jones got pulled over for a broken tail light last month in St. Augustine, Florida. Then while the cop was walking up to his car, he drove off.

But luckily, Nicholas decided to place a call to 911 about an hour later to BRAG about it.

He identified himself as the guy who ran from the cop, and was amazed they hadn't found him yet. He said he'd driven past four other cop cars, and none of them pulled him over. Adding, quote, "What do we pay you guys for?"

He also said the original officer must have gotten his license plate number. But it turned out that wasn't true. The cop didn't have time to get it before Nicholas sped off.

But thanks to the 911 call, they were able to track him down using his phone number. And they arrested him the next day inside a Ross clothing store.

When they told him how they tracked him down, he thought it was funny that he essentially turned himself in.

He's facing charges for reckless driving, fleeing a law enforcement officer, and misuse of 911. And they also found a bunch of drugs in his car.

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