Daniel Varey wanted to get his lady friend a personalized gift for her 30th birthday, but made a bit of a mistake.

He ordered a wine glass for Hayley, and wanted to get the message "Happy 30th birthday princess, love you millions."

When he was ordering the gift, he didn't pay as close attention as he should have, and mixed up the delivery instructions box and the engraving box. The glass arrived, and read "Can we have it delivered before Monday if possible as that’s her 30th. Nice one."

Being in the middle of a world wide pandemic, Varey wanted to make Hayley's birthday the best it could be. He showered her with gifts and booked a vacation for February of 2021, but nothing cheered her up and made her laugh like the glass.

"It came gift wrapped so I didn’t see it before she opened it and I was like what the hell is wrong with you? I’ve put my heart and soul into that glass! Then she showed it to me and I was mortified," said Varey.

I don't think it's fully Daniel's fault though. Someone had to review and approve that order. How do you look at that message and think "Well, I mean

Did the delivery guy get the message meant for Hayley? Did he blush when he saw it? I bet Daniel's packages arrive days earlier than expected from now on.

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