I was a BIG fan of The Sopranos.  It was the first show I ever "binge watched".  I did it old school too.  DVD box sets borrowed from a buddy of mine.  Once Tony chased down a guy who owed him money in Christopher's new car and broke his leg in front of the US/HMO office...I was hooked.

It was such a smart, well written show.  But I do wonder what sort of story lines they'd have if it was made these days instead of the early 2000's.  It would probably be less  Bada Bing and a little more YouTube star getting busted by the feds.


There's a 53-year-old guy named Marc Feren Claude Biart who's been on the run from the authorities in Italy since 2014, after he was busted trafficking cocaine for the mafia.

It turns out he's been hiding out in the Dominican Republic. And he finally blew his cover . . . when he decided to host a YouTube channel showing off his Italian cooking skills.

He never showed his face...but he had tattoos that were unique so when law enforcement saw the videos (assuming they were watching for a new recipe for canoli) the realized the YouTube host was their guy.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Meadow or Anthony Jr taking to YouTube to host their own show or create a personal brand in order to sell jewelry or suits on Shopify.

But I know Tony wouldn't have approved.  He's "old school."  He "took an oath, Carmella". Capeesh?



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