What if there was a party where over 10,000 college kids and their friends would gather to party on one major street?  Where high caliber performers would get on the main stage or several side stages to play to their biggest crowd yet.

And everyone was wearing Halloween costumes.

This was Freakfest and if you haven't been...it looks like you may have missed out for good.

What is/was Freakfest?

"According to Wikipedia, "the State Street Halloween Party, renamed Freakfest in 2006, is an annual city-sponsored Halloween festival in Madison, Wisconsin.

It is considered the largest Halloween festival in the Midwest.

Freakfest is a gathering place for tens of thousands of party-goers, many dressed in Halloween costumes. Most attendees are students from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and their guests, but others come from across Wisconsin and elsewhere. Before the city began charging admission, the festival saw crowds of up to 100,000 and a plethora of riotous behavior; but in recent years the crowds have been a fraction of that size and have remained largely peaceful."

Yet even so...the party has been canceled for the 3rd year in a row.

Freakfest is Canceled

According to Madison.com, "Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway moved to cancel Freakfest after months of consultation with city staff and other interested parties, said Downtown Ald. Mike Verveer, 4th District.

“This is a continuation of the thought process when the pandemic began,” Verveer said. “Perhaps Freakfest on State Street has outlived its useful life.”

Make Your Own Freakfest

The city is still planning on thousands of people partying on State Street in Madison.  The difference is, you don't need to buy a ticket and there won't be large stages with major performers to entertain you.

Or you can stay home and get as "freaky" as you want.

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