There is no word on how this fight at the Elmore Walmart started.  But we know how it escalated and ended.

The video starts with arguing as the person recording comes around the corner.  Then you quickly see brooms and other objects being used as weapons as you can hear people saying "I'm calling the police."

All of a sudden there it is.  Not hairspray.  Mace.  But watch closely through the fog as the man involved in the fight gets one of the people right on the back of the head with a case of something.  One comment on the video says it was a case of booze.  But I feel like that would have really taken the person down.  Those are heavy.

Either way, the fight continues and people are now slipping and sliding on the mace covered floor and everyone is rubbing their eyes.  Cause you know, it's mace.

Watch the full video here.  Warning NSFW language.


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