Listener Doug headed up to the Rod and Custom Show in Monticello on Saturday and stood in the line, like a young Greg Dwyer back in 1979, and had the Incredible Hulk sign his lunchbox!

It carried many baloney sandwiches in it's day, Fritos and memories to and from school.  Now, I can add one more anecdote to it's long life.  Thanks Lou Ferrigno, and thanks Doug!

It was disappointing, but understandable that Lou didn't seem to remember our on-air interview when Doug brought it up.  Lou's now in the business of being the Hulk on weekends, so there's a lot of travel and hand-shaking, smiling and posing for photos.

And collecting of cash.  I was surprised to learn that each autograph cost you $20.00.  Want a photo? $20.00.  We are living in a material world, and Lou's a material girl.

I can't thank Doug enough!