Have you ever picked up a Cheeto and thought, "You know, it kind of looks like Andre the Giant"? I hope you saved it, because it could be worth cash.

Cheetos is calling on people to upload photos of Cheetos that are accidentally shaped like something else or someone else.

The winner of the best picture of the week will get $10,000 and in August the best one overall will get another $50,000.

A listener of our sent us this email over the weekend:

Hey Dorks~
I'm sending you a link to my Cheeto that I submitted to the museum. If it wasn't for you guys talking about it a few weeks back, I would have never even know the museum existed or that there was a contest to win some scratch. Thanks for the info & I'll let you guys know if I 'win' anything. Enjoy my Cheeto Running Man!!

So please go show Holly's "Running Man" some love over at Cheetos Museum and let's see if can help her win some money.

Cheetos Museum