Is that a snake in your Goodwill donation or are you just happy to see me? An employee in Texas was surprised to find that a live boa constrictor got donated.

"I was tipping this machine, and when I brought the bin back the snake was hanging over the edge," said Tassy Rodgers who processes donations in Fort Worth. "I was a little freaked out and thinking this cannot be fake; it's gotta be real."

Turns out the snake, named Toki, was accidentally donated when he hid in a couch.

“We came back from vacation and I couldn’t find Toki,” said owner Austin Pair. “We looked everywhere. We even tried putting out glue, rat traps in hopes of trapping him. It wouldn’t have hurt him. He would have just lost some scales. We checked all the couches... or so we thought... all the clothing. We tore every single room apart and nothing. Just snake is gone."

Months later, Pair was moving out of his place and donated his couch to Goodwill. Luckily, Toki was still alive and was discovered by the Goodwill employees.

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