There was a time around 2004-05 when Eddie Van Halen wasn't speaking to anyone in the media. Somehow we got the phone number to Eddie's 5150 Studios, and we'd call him early in the morning. Since it was 5 a.m. here, it was 3 a.m. there and Eddie was still up.

After warming up to us, he actually started talking to us. Imagine that, Eddie Van Halen talking to us!! These recordings have become known to us as the EVH Tapes. Word got around in the old Van Halen chat rooms about the phone calls. And like I said, Eddie wasn't talking to ANYONE. He had become a little bit of a recluse and we didn't realize at the time how special these conversations were.

We're even mentioned in the book, Edward Van Halen: A Definitive Biography by Kevin Dodds, mentioning our conversations with Eddie.

Just before Thanksgiving, a morning radio duo out of Davenport, Iowa - Dwyer & Michaels (Greg Dwyer and Bill Michaels of Q106.5) - somehow got ahold of Ed's phone number and called him up at random. They were surprised that he actually answered, even though Eddie was quite agitated upon first receiving their call. However, as the conversation progressed, Ed warmed up to the pair and let his guard down. Eventually, Ed would welcome their calls with grace and good humor. The radio duo became Edward's principal speaking outlet between 2003 and 2006; he spoke to them on six different occasions.


Craig Gass gave us a call this morning to also pay respects to the great EVH. Craig ended up living with Eddie for a stint, and has some of the best stories out of that time.

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