German rockers the Scorpions have unveiled their new song, "Sign of Hope."

"We are working on lots of Hard‘n Heavy Rockers for our new album these days,” the band declared via a message posted to their Facebook page, “but because of the dramatic COVID-19 pandemic, we want to give you a little 'Sign of Hope' that came straight from the heart in troubled times... stay healthy and safe... we love you."

Though the band is known for hard-hitting tracks like 1984’s “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” they took a much softer approach to “Sign of Hope.” The ballad is built around an acoustic guitar melody, with frontman Klaus Meine singing, “Give me hope / Just a little bit of hope / A little comfort for my soul / And it’s gonna be alright” in the song's uplifting chorus.

Listen to “Sign of Hope” by the Scorpions below.

The song is the first taste of new material from the band, which is reportedly working on their upcoming album while in quarantine. Meine recently revealed that he and his bandmates are staying connected even while in lockdown.

“We're in touch on the net, on Skype, Facetime and all that,” the rocker explained to fan site Scorpions News. “[We] try to make the best out of it, you know, try to move on with the songs. But of course, we all can't wait for the day we all can be together with the whole band in the studio.”

The frontman added that he feels “privileged” to be able to work when so many others can’t. “To have a chance to go back in the studio and keep working on new songs - write new lyrics, now that's to be creative, it's a wonderful thing, especially in these days. We're all in lockdown and we have no chance to go nowhere really. We cannot travel, we cannot move, but at least we can be creative, we can take a deep dive in our own creative world. And hopefully something good comes out of it.”


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